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Low Histamine Bread Options (Recipes & Brands)

I generally prefer to develop my own recipes and pick & choose what flavors to highlight. But despite how long we were all been trapped at home— theoretically making sourdough bread— I spent that whole time avoiding it.

But I started searching for low histamine bread options a few months ago, after a few botched adaptations of “traditional” bread recipes. So for now, rather than trying to develop a low histamine bread recipe of my own (for now), I decided to create a guide to all the ones already out there!

I had no reaction to this bread, but while I’d thought I was testing my reaction to yeast (none), it turns out I was actually testing my reaction to gluten-containing spelt! (luckily also none)

The recipes below are all organized by type. Keep in mind that even though all the ingredients in each recipe are low histamine, we all have different sensitivities, such as lectins, oxalates, and sweeteners.

In fact, just under a year after my initial switch to low histamine, I decided to try a low histamine bread from my supermarket, a yeast-containing spelt bread from what I believed was the gluten-free section of the freezer.

I had no reaction, and that continues to be my go-to sandwich bread a few months later (see below), but a couple of weeks ago I learned that spelt is not gluten-free. All of that is to say, histamine intolerance is complicated and manifests differently in every person afflicted with it.

SIGHI actually notes wheat as being a 1 out of 3, despite gluten’s terrible reputation. That’s why I decided to write this post; it can be difficult and frustrating to sort through all the recipes online for one you can tolerate, and not everyone is lucky enough to find a reasonable option at their local market.

However, for those who are also located in the USA, below the recipes are a few low histamine bread brands & products that I’ve tried over the last couple weeks and not reacted to. But please note that all of them are American brands and are very unlikely to be available internationally.

making homemade pizza dough with cassava and almond flours

Low Histamine Soda Breads

Rice Flour Bread

This recipe reminds me of my morning waffles, which are made with cassava flour and come frozen, to be microwaved and then extensively toasted so as to make them delicious. It’s one of the most “typical” bread recipes on this list.

However, it does need to be handled with a bit of care to remind you of store bought loaves. While it’s also of free of yeast and eggs, it does still contain some ingredients which may cause inflammation, and that could irritate your base level histamine if your “bucket” is full. Click here for the recipe.

Possible Triggers: honey, white vinegar, xanthan gum (can be subbed).

Simple Soda Bread

All of the other low histamine breads on this page indicate specific flours to use in their recipe, but this one just says to use a “gluten-free flour blend.”

That does simplify things, but for those of you who can’t tolerate store-bought blends, this is a great resource for making your own. Otherwise, this may also be the simplest recipe on this list! Click here for the recipe.

Possible Triggers: buttermilk (recipe includes dairy-free alternative).

Low Histamine Sweet Breads

Zucchini Bread

If you’re unfamiliar with zucchini bread, it’s basically the slightly more savory answer to banana bread. Its base is a dark blend of flours of your choosing, though Marie’s use of a quinoa and oat blend is delectable.

It also sneaks in some antihistamine nutritional powerhouses, like pumpkin seeds and dates. This is the perfect low histamine bread to spread ghee or butter & jam on, or even having in the morning with eggs. Click here for the recipe.

Possible Triggers: coconut sugar (if eating larger amounts), cinnamon (optional), eggs, apple cider vinegar (the most-tolerated vinegar).

Faux Banana Bread

I’ll admit to never having been a huge fan of banana bread even before developing a histamine intolerance. But this sweet potato-based bread offers such a comforting blend of flavors that it’s hard not to crave a slice.

Unlike the zucchini bread, this one is vinegar- and egg-free, and it’s decidedly intended to fulfill your sweets craving. Plus, it’s free of any common HIT triggers! Click here for the recipe.

Possible Triggers: no common ones!

Anti-inflammatory Fruit Bread

Healing Histamine has been an amazing resource for histamine intolerance sufferers for many years, and this well-balances sweet bread is no different. The recipe itself is a bit difficult to read, but it’s made with a sorghum flour base and a small pile of delectable fruits and veggies.

All the ingredients are not only low histamine but actively healing. The author, the late Yasmina, recommends serving it with jam, but I’m sure it’d also be delicious with a drizzle of date syrup. Click here for the recipe.

Possible Triggers: coconut sugar (if eating larger amounts).

Miscellaneous Low Histamine Breads

Everything Bagel Bread

I wasn’t really sure where to put this one, but it reminds me a lot of the “keto cloud bread” that my friend made many months ago. The base is a combination of eggs and a bit of macadamia butter and tiger nut flour, among a few other things, plus the delectable “everything” seasoning of bagels.

Beth O’Hara, the author of this recipe, also has a cassava flatbread recipe that may be more suitable if you’re looking for something more munchable. Click here for the recipe.

Possible Triggers: eggs.

Low Histamine Bread Products (USA)

  • Berlin Natural Bakery’s Sprouted Spelt Bread (if you can already tolerate spelt)
  • Julian Bakery’s Almond Bread
  • Siete Brand Almond Tortillas
  • Swapples Brand Blueberry Waffles

Do you have a go-to low histamine bread recipe or brand?

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Wednesday 6th of April 2022

I bake a flax seed bread that is amazing. Plus it is gluten-free and low carb. It has blanched almond flour, organic Flaxseed meal, pastured Eggs, 100% monk fruit, baking powder, butter, (or coconut oil), and sea salt. Does that sound ok for low histamine?


Saturday 4th of February 2023

@Jann, hi my name is Jerrynell , i came across your flax seed bread that is low histamine ,could you please send me the recipe. Thank You !!!


Wednesday 14th of September 2022

@Jann, I would love your recipe for this bread as well!


Monday 29th of August 2022



Monday 8th of August 2022


Can you please forward me your recipe for your flaxseed bread that is amazing? :-) I’m having such a hard time figuring all this low histamine stuff out ever since I got the v-ccine.


Thursday 26th of May 2022

@Jann, I would love to have your recipe!


Sunday 20th of March 2022

Are Ezekiel breads low In histamine


Monday 21st of March 2022

No, they're not, because they contain both wheat and soybeans (high in histamine).

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